Farnham House Hotel Winter Wedding | Chloe and George

Congratulations to Chloe and George for their December wedding at Farnham House Hotel. It was lovely, cosy affair with a small amount of family and friends and a large dose of Christmas cheer. Everyone was great and it was a pleasure to be there with the couple, their family and friends.

The weather is always unpredictable at this time of year but we were lucky and although dim and cloudy, the rain held off and it was an added pleasure to be able to get outside and shoot a few family portraits and some lovely bride and groom portraits as well.

The Oak Room at the hotel was the location for the wedding ceremony, the perfect size for today’s wedding party. Possibly the highlight of the day was the evening where some fine dance floor skills were demonstrated :) Always great fun to photograph of course, I hope enjoy looking at the wedding photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.

The Cedar Room at the hotel – looking fabulous, with lots of personal design touches by the bride and groom.

Chloe’s mum putting the finishing touches to this beautiful wedding cake.

George and the boys trying to remember how to tie a cravat :)

A little look at Chloe’s wedding preparations…

 No matter what age your daughter is, as a parent, they are always your baby :)

A quick windowlight portrait of todays beautiful bride.

10 minutes to go and just enough time for a couple of quick portraits of George and the boys.

Time to go!

A few favourite ceremony photographs.

No telling at this time of year how the weather will go so it was a pleasure to get outside for a few bridal portraits.

Ever the gentleman :) George saves Chloe’s shoes from the damp, winter grass.

Always a pleasure to shoot some relaxed wedding family and group portraits. The front door of the hotel made for a great backdrop.

A few favourite detail photographs.

It’s lovely to shoot these informal group photographs during the drinks reception.

Speech time!

The dancing starts – my favourite part of the day :)

Thanks again Chloe and George!

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    What an absolutely stunning and radiant bride!  Gorgeous photo’s.  Looks like an absolutely amazing day.  What beautiful memories.

    1. Simon

      Thanks Belinda!

  2. Greg

    Gee what’s beautiful pics … so wonderful to be able to share in this very special day … wishing Chloe and George’s a very special blessing on this day … love the Gunns (Brisbane Australia)

    1. Simon

      Thanks Greg!

  3. Amanda

    Thank you Simon for these amazing photos, you have captured the beauty and the emotions of the day so perfectly!

    1. Simon

      Kind of you to say so – thank you!

  4. Martin Dabek

    Great Winter wedding mate. I bet the couple was very happy with them.

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