Emily and Nick, wedding portrait

Nick and Emily’s amazing wedding at Ufton Court – what a lovely day this was.

It’s the first wedding for me in quite some time and I couldn’t have wished for a nicer return to photographing such special occasions. The real spring weather had only arrived a week or so before the big day and it was a pleasure to be back at one of my favourite wedding venues.

It was a small wedding of course to comply with the current Covid rules but everyone was great and didn’t; let anything like that stand in the way of a good time. The government guidelines also specified no food or drink but again, that was no hurdle to having a great afternoon to the bride and groom and a select group of family and friends.

The grounds of Ufton Court are wonderful for any wedding photographer. There’s such a great collection of ancient trees, worn brickwork, beautiful flowers, wrought iron gates and wonderful buildings that you could spend days taking photographs there. We only had ten minutes but we made the most of it and I hope you enjoy the bride and groom portraits below.

Here’s just a few favourites from the wedding day….


Thanks again Emily and Nick! Have a wonderful honeymoon.