Elliott Erwitt

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting one of my photographic heroes, Elliott Erwitt.

The exhibition was some the images from his new book and it was amazing to view the pictures and (briefly) meet the man himself. The gallery was pretty packed with a few famous names there as well. Here’s some snaps from the night

Mr Erwitt himself

Sting, from popular beat combo The Police, in conversation

Andy Summers, (also a photographer when he’s not at the day job).

Legendary French photographer Marc Riboud. now aged 85.

Fairly mad, quite famous British photographer Barry Lategan. His heyday was the 1960’s when he shot Twiggys first portfolio and a bunch of other fashion and advertising work. He (quite weirdly) photographs all the time, obsessively and without pausing. Here he is ambushing gallery visitors on their exit from the gallery…

..still going strong…

…finally pursuing a girl that got away up the street to photograph her outside a shop window. Her boyfriend is still stood by the gallery door looking bemused :)

All in all, an interesting night out :)

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