Don and Charlotte’s Wedding at Bury Court Barn

Down to deepest Surrey today for Don and Charlie’s beautiful outdoor wedding at Bury Court Barn. The Barn is a lovely, purpose built venue for weddings. It was my first time there and as always, it’s so nice to see a place with fresh eyes. Sometimes, if you work at the same wedding venue repeatedly, it can be hard to see it as the guests usually do – fresh and new.

I was there to help my old friend – Hampshire’s finest wedding photographer Rob Burress out at the wedding. I was tasked with photographing the groom before the ceremony and it was great to meet Don and his Best Man Sidney – two terrific guys, cool as cucumbers and a pleasure to be with before the wedding started.

It’s all too easy, when it’s your wedding, to get caught up in the details of the day. There’s usually a thousand things to arrange and to do that it’s often really difficult to just stop and take it all in. After we’d shot a couple of photographs, Don turned to me and said ” Simon, I’m 51 years old and in an hour I am getting married. For the first time…” I thought it was so nice that he was mindful of the moment and the importance of what was about to happen.

It’s too easy to worry about the arrangements, check on timings and details and get caught up. Everyone getting married needs to rememer take a moment and just…be. The day vanishes in a blink otherwise and you find yourself wanting to do it all again!

Thanks to Rob for having me along – I’m sure the combination of our photographs will add up to a wonderful set of memories for the couple. Here’s just a few favourites of mine from the day.

bury court barn wedding details
A beautiful cake/cupcake hybrid :)


groom at bury court barn
Today’s handsome groom.


best man at bury court barn
Sidney the best man – with complete confidence in the groom :)


groom and best man at bury court wedding
We had a few moments to shoot some pics of Donald and Sidney.


wedding rings


The friends and relations arrive


wedding guests arrive
Is that….is that Ronnie Barker…?


bury court wedding guests

Outdoor wedding at Bury Court Barn
A bit of last minute sorting out.


wedding music organisation
Leave the DJ’ing to the kids – a fine move.


outdoor bury court wedding
A quick round of applause for the groom.


an outdoor wedding at bury court farm

bride smiles at groom

bury court wedding
No matter how long I’ve been photographing weddings I’ll never tire of the happy faces of my just-married couples :)


bride and groom sign register

wedding guests photograph couple
Famous for one day :)

wedding bubbles

Bride shows off wedding ring

wedding guest and groom

wedding group




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