Detail Spotlight: Shoes

There are many aspects to photographing a wedding – the journalistic pictures which form the bulk of the day for me, the family shots and the bride and groom pictures, ‘scene setting’ images etc. Recording the little things are also a very important part of the day for me as well. A typical preparation for the wedding day for the bride and groom (OK, mostly the bride :) ) is around a year, give or take, and a lot of that time is spent on deciding the little things that make the special day, well, special.

The small details that personalise the ceremony and the reception are often the things that take most of the time when planning the wedding. I always make sure we have plenty of detail images to choose from  – this kind of image whether singly or in sequences, really bring an album to life. They often act like glue and bind storytelling sequences together. Usually I try and photograph these in a creative way, I think it’s really cool to have the details shots photographed contextually i.e. with the setting or background part of the composition. This is a really nice way of bringing the location(s) to life in the wedding album.

In this post I’d like to focus on shoes – during the bridal preparations it’s nice to have some images of the these – along with the flowers and the dress they often finish the day in a totally different condition than they were in the morning :) Here’s a few favourites from last years weddings.

Thanks for looking – comments always welcome!

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