Coworth Wedding Reception Photography | Charlotte and Ben

Charlotte and Ben’s wedding was in Ascot at St. Mary’s School with the reception just down the road at Coworth Park. Charlotte is a teacher so the chapel at her school was an obvious choice for their small wedding. The wedding photography started at Charlotte’s mum’s house in Virginia Water. I was thrown for a moment when I saw the groom at the house in the morning. The couple had decided not to do the traditional thing and meet at the altar for the first time on the wedding day.

It’s pretty unusual to see a bride and groom together on the morning of the wedding but that’s one thing I love about my job – every wedding is genuinely different. Sure, there’s a ceremony of some kind, a reception of some kind and everyone is dressed up to the nines but within that, there’s a great deal of variety. There’s no cookie cutter approach to good wedding photography. Obviously there’s similar photographs but it’s all based off the people that are there on the day.

Charlotte and Ben were a pleasure to work with and it was a lovely and relaxed afternoon. The day started with the wedding preparations and apart from being a nice place to start the story of the day, it lets people get used to having a photographer around :) These moments are lovely to record because with the events later in the day, it’s often hard to remember what it was like during that pre-wedding ceremony period. As always, these photographs are most valuable years and decades after the wedding and trigger off all sorts of memories of the day.

Here’s a few favourite wedding photographs from the day.


Ben the groom, suited and booted, heads off to the chapel.

Today’s beautiful bride.

It’s lovely when parents see you in your dress for the first time.

It was time for me to head for the chapel at St. Mary’s School. Charlotte is a teacher there; it’s always nice when there’s a connection with the place you’re getting married.

The chapel at St. Mary’s School.

Ben and the boys.

It’s time…

Charlotte and her Dad start the long walk…  :)

The wedding ceremony begins in the beautiful chapel of St. Mary’s.

I love this image of the bride and groom sharing a little moment whilst the paperwork is completed.

The bride and her girls.

The drinks reception was held at the school. A perfect opportunity for some candid wedding photograph of the family and guests.

Off to the stunning Coworth Park Hotel for the wedding meal.

The wedding meal was held in the Oak Room at Coworth, perfect surroundings for the celebration.

Despite the gathering clouds (the weather is so changeable at this time of year) we decided to head down to the grounds for some bride and groom portraits.

This meadow, with it’s amazing wild flowers, was perfect for some wedding portrait photography.

A quick briefing from the hotel staff and it’s in to the meal.

Thanks for having me along Ben and Charlotte!

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