“I’ve been expecting you Mr……Corless…”

Let’s get this out of the way at the beginning, Simon, today’s groom is a huge Bond fan, which will explain some of the images in this blog post. His parents surprised him at the wedding today with a beautiful Aston Martin, as used in the movie ‘Skyfall’! It was great to use the car in a few photographs at Ufton Court, the location for todays wedding. What a fantastic time it was – it must have been the hottest day of the year so far, friends and family came from all over the world to watch them get married.

The bride and groom were getting ready at The Hilton in Reading before heading down the leafy green lanes to Ufton. Simon planned to get on the coach with the guests but as it turned out, he arrived in more style than that :) It was nice to be able to photograph both Claire and Simon’s preparations at the hotel, a great photographic part of the day to set the scene for the celebrations later.

It was a day of surprises, particularly during the evening – see the end of this post :) Simon’s dad is a boat builder and turned his hand to making a terrific sweet cart which was very popular with the kids. And grownups, to be honest. The Tithe Barn at Ufton has a great atmosphere, both for the ceremony and the wedding meal and party. Verity and the team at Ufton Court did a great job as always making the day run smoothly.

Here’s some images from the day that I liked – the complete gallery will be up soon!


At The Hilton in Reading – getting ready for the wedding day.


From the calm and peace of the girls room – to photograph the boys getting ready :)
Youtube must get bombarded on Saturday mornings with the search term ‘How to tie a cravat’.


Back with the ladies.
Get on the coach or take the DB5…tough one.
Beautiful Ufton Court, the wonderful countryside location for todays wedding celebrations.
A few detail images of Simon’s ride. Front mounted machine guns not pictured.
A timeless, simple black and white portrait of today’s groom.
Claire and the girls, here on time!
Through a gap in the door I saw Claire getting her last minute briefing from the registrars.
Claire says goodbye to her dad in the Tithe Barn at Ufton Court…
…and hello to her brand new Groom :)ufton-court-wedding-photographer-030ufton-court-wedding-photographer-031ufton-court-wedding-photographer-032ufton-court-wedding-photographer-033ufton-court-wedding-photographer-034ufton-court-wedding-photographer-035ufton-court-wedding-photographer-036ufton-court-wedding-photographer-037ufton-court-wedding-photographer-038
Today’s paparazzi pack.
Knot tied,  broom jumped, hitched, spliced and officially married.



Ufton Court wedding canapés – justly famous throughout the land.




ufton-court-wedding-photographer-055Speech time.


A few favourites from Claire and Simon’s wedding photobooth.


Alcohol *might* have been involved…
Another terrific surprise for everyone was fireworks at the end of the evening.
Thanks for being a great bride and groom Claire and Simon! See you soon.


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  1. David and Vale McCann

    Hi Simon,

    My husband David was the best man at Simon’s and Claire’s wedding. Please let us know when more photographs are ready.

    Your work is great! by the way.


    1. simonkempadmin

      Hi Vale, thank you – will do!

  2. Claire Corless

    Hi Simon!

    These photos are amazing!!! Thank you so much for your hard work!! We can’t wait to see the rest of them!

    Claire and Simon Corless

    1. simonkempadmin

      Thank you! I am really pleased with them and can’t wait for you to see them all :)

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