Cain Manor Wedding Photography – A little cine film of the day

A couple of months ago I posted that I had been out on a wedding to help my friend Rob shoot the day. I took the opportunity to fulfill an ambition to shoot a little Super 8 cine film of the wedding as well. I have always loved the look of film footage, so different from today’s HD video and I always thought it looked great for weddings where traditionally the film is treasured for many decades after the event. Shooting Super 8 is notoriously err…unreliable. The cameras you can get nowadays are typically 30-40 years old. The focussing is pretty much guesswork and you get little bits of flare and debris in the camera shows up in the footage. It’s all part of the charm of course and adds to the ‘look’ of the film. I picked up a Canon 514 cine camera from Ebay a while ago now and shot a test roll to make sure everything was working OK. Kodak still make cine film but about the only place in Europe you can get it processed is a lab in Berlin. The film took a whopping two months to get back to me but it’s kind of nice compared to the instant gratification of digital video (and stills come to that). And no, I have no plans to shoot video – I am sticking to stills. By the way, if you like the idea of a cine film of your wedding, check out Andy’s work over at Andy was kind enough to help me get prepared for this little project with lots of advice. It was fun to make and I feel it always helps, creatively speaking, to change gears once in a while and shoot something different.

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Jon Rouston

    Fantastic Simon, love it.

    That bloke in the black shirt needs to get out the way though ;)

  2. Tara Garden

    Awwww love this! so real and truthful…. brought a lump to my throat.

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