Cheryl and Nick’s Wedding – St. Barnabas and The Swan Hotel

Cheryl and Nick got married today at St. Barnabas’ Church in Emmer Green near Reading. We all know how unpredictable the weather has been this year but the deluge that descended half an hour before was…biblical. Nick and the boys were in a nearby pub (an old wedding tradition I thoroughly approve of) and when the rain hit we all though for a few minutes we were going to be stranded behind the flood waters.

I doubt Cheryl would have considered that a reasonable excuse for Nick being late at the wedding but you’ll be pleased to hear that after performing Olympic-style long jumps across the lagoon that had formed outside the White Horse, we all made it to the church on time.

Even though it was a bit damp later in the day I’m pleased to say that we had some great gaps in the weather and managed to get out and about a bit at the wedding reception. Cheryl and Nick were a pleasure to photograph –  naturally when you plan a wedding you’re hoping for the best conditions which don’t always materialise but it was great to seet that they didn’t allow the rain to bother them at all.

Here’s just a few favourite images from the day that caught my eye.

Detail photographs at St. Barnabas ChurchSt. Barnabas Church in Emmer Green with stormy clouds overhead.

The little church of St.Barnabas in Emmer Green about an hour before the ceremony. Stormy weather gathering overhead.


The England-Australia rugby game was on in the pub when we arrived. Dog not interested.

The groom in the pub

Nick and the boys in the pub with some friends and family.



Quick weather check. Oops.


Not to worry – slightly damp but we all made it in time.


Nick and his dynamic duo of best men.


Cheryl and uncle Ken arrive in style at the church. By now, the rain had subsided so all was well.


That scary moment just before it all starts. Very different for the bride than for the groom at the front of the church.



I love this moment during the register signing when the brides mother congratulates her daughter.


The job is done!


Off to The Swan Hotel in Streatley – the rain is pretty much gone now and from the bridge it looks lovely.


The wedding meal room looked fabulous – lots of attention to detail.


Whilst the wedding guests were arriving we took a little walk around the grounds of the hotel.


The guests had all arrived by now and it was nice to spend some time photographing the wedding reception.



The bride and groom arrive.


Wedding speech time!


She’s laughing at your jokes Nick. A good sign!


The best men did a great double act for their speech.


Thanks again Cheryl and Nick – I hope you have a fantastic honeymoon in Switzerland!

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