Cat & Charlie

Today I bravely wrestled with the Kingston one-way system to photograph Cat and Charlie’s wedding on Ravens Ait Island. This was a great choice for a wedding reception, you have to press a little buzzer to call a boat which comes across and gets you – great fun (but then again I am easily amused). Cat made a stunning bride and Charlie looked quite dashing as well!

The bride and groom are off on a tour around the Far East and their complete gallery will be posted on their return. Here’s some favourites in the meantime

Cat, at home before the wedding.

Cat and the lay-deez!

Time to go…

Ready to roll…

Charlie and David, the best man – subtle little sign, huh?

Charlie the bachelor (well, for the next ten minutes anyway).

Cat and her Dad on the way in to the ceremony.
I like this image, a lot going on – Cat’s solemn look, the registrar’s book, the girls in the background. the littlest bridesmaid with her flowers in front of her face…

The new Mr. and Mrs.

Mrs. I.

I loved these great favours, the whole room was beautifully decorated.

Thanks again for choosing me, Cat and Charlie, see you on your return :)

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