Kingston Maurward Wedding Photography | Caroline and Andrew

My single best photographic purchase of the last few years has to be the mighty Satnav. Today I headed to the wilds of Dorset to help my friend Rob photograph a wedding just outside of town. I understand the argument that the noble Tomtom inhibits awareness of surroundings and can occasionally mess up in spectacular style but believe me, when you have miles of twisty country lanes to contend with, it’s truly a blessing. That said, it couldn’t help me with the horrendous holiday traffic (apologies to any caravan owners out there, but really – what exactly is wrong with hotels?) Despite this, it was a great day, the weather was fine and it was fun photographing with Rob. Caroline and Andrew (the B & G) were great, very relaxed. Here’s a few favourites, more from the wedding will be appearing on Rob’s blog.

We pick up our story immediately after the ceremony, Andrew wondering where the nearest drink is.

I love confetti

You’ll have noticed I have graduated from the standard ‘couple in the mirror’ shot to the more advanced ‘back of the couple in the back of the mirror’ shot.

Look at these guys. Anybody would think weddings are for enjoying yourselves – it’s a serious business ladies and gentlemen – behave, please.

The beautiful Caroline.

Andrew looks on embarrassed as Steve, the Best Man practices ‘throwing some shapes’ (as I believe the young people call it these days).

I noticed the cake looking a little lonely.

What a great room eh? Check out the…

…fantastic ceiling. (Believe me, you get some very odd looks taking shots like these).

Rob set up a terrific shot by the window so I went for this alternative view in a handy mirror.

A little clichéd I know but I like it.

The girls head up hill, impressively outpacing both Rob and I. In high heels too. (Uh, the girls that is…).

The meal begins.

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