Cain Manor Wedding Photography – Claire and Michael

Sometimes when you are in a creative profession it’s good to set yourself little projects to kick start your mind along different avenues and to see things from different perspectives. My good friend and fantastic photographer Rob Burress, Mr. Shooting Hip himself, was kind enough to let me come along on his wedding today at Cain Manor in Hampshire. Although I am a dyed-in-the-wool, card carrying stills photographer, for a little while now I have wanted to shoot some moving images at a wedding. At the end of last year I bought a hugely expensive (£15) vintage cine camera off Ebay.

The 30 year old camera shoots 8mm film in the Super 8 format which was introduced in the 1960’s. There’s no sound (this is antique, folks), but it has a style and quality all it’s own, lo-fi, gritty and with flaws which are all part of the charm. A couple of months ago I shot a Super 8 test roll so I could make sure the camera works OK.

Sadly, one factor with film is of course the delay whilst it gets developed and scanned. I will of course post the finished movie when it’s ready.

I took my regular camera and shot some stills as well. Not leaving well enough alone I thought it would be fun to shoot some iPhone pictures using the mighty Hipstamatic application. It’s great when you don’t have total responsibility for the wedding images, you can mess around a little, which was of course the whole point of the exercise.

Here’s some favourites from the stills, cine footage coming soon!

Out of the chaos....
No time to be thinking about the Father Of The Bride Speech
The Cain Manor Synchronised Button-hole Fixing Display Team
(L) A little lucky ladybird on Claire's shoe. (R) When you gotta go, you gotta go...
The boys.
A Rembrandt-esque image from the iPhone/Hipstamatic combo.
Claire and her dad and, uh, the limo driver escort Claire to the church.
The ceremony. Amazing how a phone image (just about) gets away with it in such low light.
And for comparison, the £5k camera/lens combination.
The bee-yoo-ti-ful cake.
Claire braves the great outdoors.

Claire and Michael do the 'Victorian Bride and Groom' pose for the iPhone
A couple of favourite reception images at Cain Manor
(L) Always the bridesmaid.... (R) I love the backlighting as the champagne flows.

Thanks for looking! And thanks to Rob and Claire and Mike for letting me be a wedding crasher :)

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