Blast(s) From The Past

There must be something in the air. Even though I keep the digital files from all my weddings, and the film negatives going back many years, it’s extremely unusual for my brides and grooms to come back to me after, say, a year has elapsed from the wedding date.

In the last two months however, three of my couples from the dim and distant past have been in touch enquiring about their wedding photographs. It was great to hear from them again of course but also really interesting to hear their viewpoint on their wedding now that quite a few years have gone by.

Of course it’s not easy to visualise yourself 10 or 20 years after the wedding, or even a couple of years down the line. Everyone agrees the wedding day goes by so quickly. A lot of brides I speak to wish they could do it all over again.

So I fired up the De Lorean and went back in time through the wedding archives:

Caroline and Mark got married in August 2006 at St. Paul’s Church in Camberley and then caught the bus to Great Fosters :)

One thing I’ve always loved about photographing weddings at Great Fosters is the variety in the gardens to the rear of the hotel. There are lots of lovely corners, a beautiful bridge and some spectacular garden layouts. Perfect for a little time away from the wedding guests to take it all in.


David and Angela dropped me a line last month. Their wedding was held in August 2004 at the lovely Tylney Hall not far from my studio. Again, it’s a beautiful wedding venue with lovely interiors. It’s difficult to believe that it was almost nine years ago  :)During the wedding ceremony at Tylney Hall

The happy couple with their best man and bridesmaid. It’s photographs like this I know will be treasured when they are grandparents.

bridal party at tylney hall wedding

Angela and David take a walk and a talk through the Tylney Hall Gardens and later on, on the beautiful staircase in the hotel.

Tylney Hall Bride and Groom

Finally, it was great to hear from Sam, who married Fraser in Bracknell back in 2003. Here’s a few favourites from their wedding. I can’t remember where the church was but the wedding reception was held at Englemere, between Bracknell and Ascot. Englemere is an underrated wedding venue in my opinion. It has a great terrace overlooking the gardens outside and is a wonderful place to spend a summer afternoon with your friends and family.

Sam and Fraser live in Australia now and we organising some wedding photographs to be sent to them.

Two cute bridesmaids

Sam, all the way from 2003.

Happy to be married? That would be a yes.

I was interested to see how my style of photography has changed over the last decade. I still believe that relaxed, friendly portraits are important as well as capturing the genuinely candid moments throughout the day. It’s also interesting to note that those relaxed family portraits are the ones that end up on the mantelpiece rather than the photojournalistic images.

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