Berkshire Portrait Photography – Rob James

Today I was asked by close up magician Rob James for some images to update his portfolio. Rob’s one of the country’s leading magicians and has worked all over the world at weddings, corporate events and parties. Hyperbole aside, he performs incredible things at his fingertips right in front of you that will have you doubting your senses.

It was a nice change for me to photograph in a slightly different style – a bit more editorial in feel and with some interesting locations inside and out. The instinct when photographing people like Rob is to use props from their expertise in the images. I have been guilty in the past of photographing musicians with their instruments, artists leaning on a canvas, sculptors framed by their creations etc. I decided to take a different tack with Rob and discard the playing cards and dice and photograph him as himself, if that makes sense. We shot some frames in the studio before heading for a dilapidated farmyard a mile or two away.

I’ve photographed quite a few magicians now – it’s an interesting niche market – I have a website devoted to this style of portraiture here.

Here’s a few favourite images from Rob’s session.

portrait photography reading berkshire

This last image (above) shot on the iPhone using Hipstamatic – my favourite iPhone  app.  No photoshop!

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  1. Remzi

    The pics are stunning!

    LOVE IT!!

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