Becky and Mike

So here is some images from the engagement shoot I did for Mike and Becky on Saturday. As mentioned, it was a freezing cold morning but somehow it didn’t matter a bit. It was lovely to capture some images before the wedding in March. Usually life gets so busy about a month or so before the wedding and afterwards time tends to speed up and engagement portrait session is really nice idea, if only as a record of that time when you were boyfriend and girlfriend :)

Mike and Becky were great together. In some of my favourite images here they look like they are in their own little world, despite the frost and the cold. I am looking forward to the wedding in March. I’ve had a word with the vicar and he’s going to organise 28 degrees of sunshine and a light breeze. Probably.

A few favourites from the session.

Thanks for your time this morning Becky and Mike, see you soon!

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