Baby Photography Reading – Harrison

Here’s baby Harrison. I photographed his parents wedding at Silchester House in 2006 and I photographed his big brother Jack a couple of years ago. It was great to see the family in the studio again and update the family heirloom that these kind of pictures comprise. Here’s a few favourites from the session.


The Big H!

With Dad, Martyn. This is a favourite image from the session, it would look great in black and white as well. I am a fan of photographs of children with their parents- I think when your baby reaches the same age as you it’s a wonderful thing to see images of you with your parents. Perhaps it’s to do with knowing where we came from but I think it’s a sad thing when you have no photographs of your parents when they were young.

baby photo

So Harrison is of course at that stage of power crawling just before the transition to walking (via staggering around the room hanging on to things). I love this sequence. Very often with babies, the developmental stages they go through pass so quickly. As a baby portrait photographer I love capturing these fleeting moments. And I just love his face in the first image :)

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