An Autumn Wedding at the Tithe Barn Petersfield | Harriet and Michael

Today saw me helping out my old friend Rob (Shooting Hip) at a lovely little wedding at the Tithe Barn wedding venue at Ditcham near Petersfield in Hampshire.

Sometimes couples would like coverage in two different places on a wedding day. Typically covering the groom’s morning as well as the brides preparations in a different location. Michael was getting ready at his mum’s house down near the coast before the wedding and Rob asked me to shoot some photographs there before heading back up to the barn for the wedding. Michael serves in the Royal Navy and the wedding had been brought forward before he deploys across the Atlantic (how romantic!) and he fell in to the category of extremely relaxed grooms, ready in plenty of time. And with very highly polished shoes.

Up at the Tithe Barn, the guests had started to gather. Not the largest wedding in the world with around 50 guests but big enough to feel like a real celebration. Autumn brings a different feel to the lighting of course; crisp, clear shards of sunlight from low in the sky. One of the joys of being a wedding photographer is that is not only every wedding genuinely different, the times of the year affect the vibe of the photographs and brings new challenges and opportunities to the art of visual story telling.

The Tithe Barn looked fabulous as always. The barn itself dates back hundreds of years and it’s main interior feature is the beautiful sweeping arches which are reminiscent of a church and give the ceremony a dignified, special feeling. After the ceremony, the chairs are whisked away and the meal tables quickly set up by the expert staff.

Harriet and Michael had decorated the barn beautifully. It’s always great to see when a couple have personalised the decorations, the tables and the rest of the room to reflect their personalities. As you can see from the wedding photographs, there were a few naval influences – plenty of ropes and knot tying! The hand painted stones as place names was a nice touch (the guests got to take these home with them) and various other lovely touches that made the wedding their own.

Apart from one brief and heavy downpour (note to self – do not leave your camera bag outside and forget about it), the weather was kind to the couple – a beautiful breezy autumn day, just lovely for the celebrations as it meant that the guests could be outside as well and the kids could burn off some excess energy.

It’s quite fun being the second shooter at a wedding. The pressure is off perhaps, and it’s an opportunity to look for images the main photographer might not have seen. I know Harriet and Michael will be utterly spoiled for choice when they see the photographs. Sorting through the wedding images will give Harriet something to do whilst her brand new husband is away at sea. Here’s a few favourites from the day, it only remains for me to say thanks to Rob for having me along on the wedding and I hope you enjoy these photographs.

Starting the day at the groom’s mum’s house to get a little bit of that pre-wedding atmosphere.

Just time for a quick portrait of the groom, his mum and sister.

Off to the lovely Tithe Barn near Petersfield. The couple had made a lovely job of personalising the venue and making it their own for the wedding day.

I love the colours at this time of year, with the low sun it’s a totally different atmosphere to just a few weeks ago.

The concentration in the faces…

Today’s handsome groom.

The guests arrive.

More of that gorgeous slanty autumn light.

One of my favourite images from the day.

Normally I’d avoid shooting photographs in that spotty’ through the trees’ light but I think it looks great here, a little like a painting.

..and another of my favourite photographs :)

All about the shadows

Harriet’s amazing wedding dress. It had pockets(!)

The ceremony begins in the spacious and beautiful Tithe Barn.

The deal is done.

I’m always on the look out for the ‘We’ve just done it!’ faces :) It’s lovely to get two of those at one wedding.

The groom’s mum and her two sisters. Check out the hands.

It’s always a pleasure to shoot some informal family portraits at the wedding.

As mentioned, the Tithe Barn looks amazing set up for the wedding meal. Even more so with the special touches provided by the bride and groom.

Speech time. Proceedings kicked off by the bride’s father.

Best of luck to you, Harriet and Michael, have a long and lovely married life.

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