Amie and Craig get married

Craig and Amie tied the knot today in Croydon. The wedding was at the Salvation Army Church and it was a really nice service. No Sally Army ceremony would be complete without a brass band and the band playing today was terrific – I think it’s a really nice sound and it certainly added to the atmosphere in the church.

As I’m sure you know it was a belting hot day but beautiful weather for spending an afternoon on the terrace at Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot.

Here’s a few favourites from the day, more to come when Amie and Craig are back from honeymoon in Mauritius.

A couple of images from the morning.

Who knew this was one of the bridesmaids duties? :)

Craig and the boys.

Minutes to go…

Megan shows the way.

Amie and Dad feel the pressure…

A little ceremony detail.

A couple of my favourite images of the new Mr. and Mrs.

I love these reception images.

Thanks again, Craig and Amie…

…see you when you get back :)

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  1. Anita

    These are amazing shots – look forward to seeing more

  2. Johnny

    Nice for the band to get a shout out! :-)

  3. sharon

    What a fantastic photographs. I love the one of you two by the tree – Beautiful!

  4. D

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful day!

  5. Diane

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful day.

  6. D

    Beautiful photographs of a beautiful day.

  7. Julie

    Great pictures, Look like a fantastic day and a very happy couple.

  8. Julie

    Fantastic pictures, Looks like a great day.

  9. Anonymous

    Simon….Thank you for capturing some very special moments from what was a very special day. Your photo's are fantatsic and we are so grateful for everything you did.

  10. Amie

    Simon…Your photos are amazing. Thank you for capturing some very special moments from what was a very special day. You are fantastic and we are so grateful for all you have done.

  11. Mazzy

    Great photos giving great memories of a great day.

  12. Michelle

    These photo's are amazing, you two will be able to treasure these for years to come. Congratulations again! x

  13. Paul

    Lovely photos, and a great day.

  14. Ross

    Amazing photos, amazing day.

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