Aldermaston Manor Wedding Photography – Michelle and Lewis

I’ve worked at Aldermaston Manor many times over the years. It lies near to Reading about half an hour from my studio and it’s great for wedding photography. Today Lewis and Michelle tied the knot in the library at the Manor House. The last time we had met is at the pre-wedding session where we shot some relaxed portraits in and around Aldermaston Manor House.

It was a bit on and off with the rain that day but luckily we dodged the raindrops and it turned out just fine. Here are a few favourite images from the wedding – the complete gallery gets uploaded as soon as Lewis and Michelle have seen the pictures. In the meantime, here’s a few favourite pictures. If you would like to know when all the wedding photographs are uploaded, **click here** and I will email you.


Aldermaston Manor’s gothic exterior. The first thing Michelle and the bridesmaids told me on arriving was stories of the the ghostly noises the night before (!) Apparently strange noises were heard from the top floor of the building….mwahahaha…  Thankfully the only spirits around on the wedding day were behind the bar (I kill myself with this stuff sometimes).

Note the large black clouds – thankfully they pretty much disappeared during the afternoon.

Lewis the groom. Nothing like a swift pint to calm the pre-match nerves.

A couple of favourite images from the getting ready period in the bridal suite.

The beautiful bride.

The long walk to the registrar’s briefing.

The library at Aldermaston Manor is a great place for a wedding ceremony. The bride  and bridesmaids enter the room through a concealed door in the library shelves :)

‘Chelle and the laydeez

Bridesmaids – a different kind of photograph from the usual.

The Nintendo DS. Weddings would be a lot noisier if it hadn’t been invented,

An intimate moment in the corner of the reception :)

Freshly married and released into the wild.

In keeping with the surroundings, Michelle and Lewis do the ‘Victorian Bride and Groom’ pose.

Dinner is (swiftly) served.

Thanks for booking me Michelle and Lewis, it was a great day wasn’t it?

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  1. Lewis Handy

    Lovely photo’s simon, can’t wait to see the rest of them.

    Lewis and Shelley

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