A Trunkwell House Wedding Album

Having designed, made and delivered Sarah and Darren’s beautiful wedding album I thought it would be nice to share a couple of page designs from their book. The wedding album was finished in pure white leather and measures 12″ x 24″ when open. Sarah also ordered two little mini replica books 4″ x 4″ which are of course great to carry around.

The opening spread. I think this looks fantastic – it has great impact when you open the wedding album and this edge-to-edge 24″ wide image hits you. This of course was one of the bride and groom’s favourite wedding photos from Trunkwell House.

Here is the opening spread from the ‘Church’ section. I was really pleased that Sarah approved this page with the large left hand side image. It was an autumn wedding and I love that the blackberry picture sets the tone of the afternoon. In several decades time I think ‘scene setting’ images like this evoke the atmosphere of the day.
One of my favourite reception images. The big group shot is a must, of course. I always shoot this from an elevated position because it’s it’s important to see everybody’s face. I love the fact that the little bridesmaids are running amok in the background! This big group shot is balanced with the smaller pictures on the left hand side. Shooting candid pictures of the guests, the family and friends is great fun for me – one of my favourite parts of the day. The afternoon drinks reception usually lasts an hour or an hour-and-a -half and pictures like these bring back the feel of the afternoon, who was there and what they were doing.
And the last page spread of the wedding album! Like an opening image, the last page is important. It wraps things up and ends the day (unless I’m coming back for the evening photography of course). Thanks for looking at these page designs and let me know if you have any questions about our wedding albums.

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